Welcome to my about page! The first significant fact about myself is that I am one of the people who just LOVE writing. Therefore, I created this website to post a weekly blog about any area that I am interested on, including politics, economy, finance, business, and philosophy.dsc01805 This website also includes my resume and some information about life for the people who may want to know more about me.

I am an International Political Economy (IPED) and Diplomacy student. A very common question that I were always asked about is “why did you chose this specific field?” Since I was a child, business, economy, and finance are my primary interests. I like to learn about them by watching news, asking questions, and read books and magazines about these fields. However, when I decided to complete my college education, I realized that the world’s economy is an integral part of politics and vise versa. Both international and domestic economic activities and events are directly connected with the political decisions. The oil, stock, currency markets are driven by politics.

As a result of these findings, I tried to find a major that covers both politics and markets. I read about so many majors, but I could not find better than the International Political Economy and Diplomacy major to fit with my goals. The objective of this program is to produce students with a high knowledge in both economy and politics to be able to understand and effectively analyze complex political and economic events; and this is what I was looking for.




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